The Challenges of Migration in the European Union: German and Polish Experiences

On November 9, 2017, the Robert Bosch Foundation Alumni Association, NYU European Horizons, Young Professionals in Foreign Policy – New York, and NYU Common Table welcomed Dr. Marta Pachocka, Warsaw School of Economics, and Dr. Ronald J. Bee (Bosch IV), Hansen Summer Institute on Leadership and International Cooperation, for presentations and a discussion of Migration in the Polish, German, and European Contexts after the 2017 Elections moderated by Professor Colette Mazzucelli (Bosch IX), NYU New York. Dr. Pachocka spoke about the migration context in Poland and the country’s relations with the Federal Republic of Germany on the 28th anniversary of the fall of the Berlin Wall. Dr. Bee discussed the 2017 election results and the likely influence and development of the Alternative für Deutschland, AfD, on the German political landscape. A catered reception following the program event gave the guests an opportunity to interact with the speakers and network according to professional interests. In light of the on-going coalition talks in Germany during autumn 2017, the filmed segments of the November 9 program, which are scheduled to appear on the NYU European Horizons YouTube Channel in early 2018, are of on-going relevance to developments on the European Continent.


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