Christmas Market Alumni and Boschie Get-Together

At what we are all hoping we can call the “first annual” Boschie Christmas Market Alumni Event, 16 Boschies ranging from fellowship years XIV to XXXIV enjoyed a great evening of traditional holiday foods such as Hirschgulasch and Goose.   Sitting at two beer tables inside of a temporary Austrian-themed Restaurant at the Gendarmenmarkt, we went through introductions Boschie-style by going around the tables saying our names, Bosch year, and instead of the usual spiel about our areas of interest, we shared our favorite holiday songs. Here some of us learned that we were not alone in our excitement over some tacky songs that play throughout December.  This was followed by a few hours of Berlin-based Boschies getting to know each other over the three-course meal and some of our favorite winter drinks such as Glühwein but also good old Apfelschorle.  Thanks to the RBFAA for the generous contribution towards this event. Lastly, a happy holiday season to all and ein guten Rutsch!

To see photos of this regional event, click here to access the photo gallery. 

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