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Saturday, September 18th, 2021: 2021 RBFAA Annual Meeting – Watch a video of our speakers from the event and read a recap by Co-Presidents Tony Ganzer and Rob Fenstermacher.


Detailed Recaps of the Series below:

Monday May 4th, 2020: The News Media in Germany and the United States During a Pandemic
Monday, May 18th, 2020: Individual Rights vs. the Common Good in the Age of Covid-19
Wednesday, June 10th, 2020: A Changing International Security Environment
Monday, June 22nd, 2020: The Future of the Global Economy

Sauf Haus Bosch Networking Event

German Law: Past, Present, Future

Leveraging your Language and Regional Expertise

Silent Night – A Transatlantic Listening Salon

Annual Meeting 2019

The Current State of German Politics: A Transatlantic Town Hall with American Policy and Media Experts in Berlin

Regional Event – The Crisis of the Polish Courts

Regional Event – Chicago Blues Airlift

Regional Event – The Relevance of Personal Data in the Aftermath of the EU General Data Protection Regulation

Regional Event – ‘Brews and Views’ Networking Night in Berlin

2018 Annual Meeting – Transatlanticism in the Rise of Isolationism

Regional Event – VR/AR Through the Transatlantic Lens

Regional Event – What is Universe? Communications • Complexity • Coherence

Regional Event – The Wild Word Magazine Book Launch

Regional Event – I Wish to Say

Regional Event – San Francisco Transatlantic Networking Event

Regional Event – Cryptocurrency: What you need to know about the Blockchain tech revolutionizing global finance

Regional Event – Christmas Market Alumni and Boschie Get-Together

Regional Event – Journalism and Refugees: Media coverage and public discourses about refugees’ flows and integration in the European Union and the Americas

Regional Event – The Challenges of Migration in the European Union: German and Polish Experiences

Regional Event – The Goethe Institute’s Film Neu

Lunch and Livestreaming of “Brookings – Robert Bosch Foundation Transatlantic Initiative” Launch Event in Berlin

2017 Annual Meeting – Media Under Fire: Media, Journalism, and Democracy in Transatlantic Relations

Regional Event – “Nationalism, Populism, and the 2017 Elections: Implications of ‘Illiberal Democracy’ and Integration in the European Union”



Regional Event – Exploring the German/American Beer Relationship

Regional Event – What is Life? Lifestyles – Lifeworlds – Lifeworks Conference


Professor Hans Boas on the Texas German Dialect – Austin, TX – 10/27/16



“What now? New Perspectives on Brexit” – An Evening Discussion with Constanze Stelzenmüller

from left to right_Michelle Cloud_Surya Gied_Rosario Cornejo

Regional Event – Looking into the Distance Becomes Difficult


Next Gen 3

Regional Event – Next Generation Roundtable Discussion



Political Salon – Google vs. Europe

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