Alumni Updates Spring 2018

Kyle Cline (XXIX) was promoted to National Development Director for the National Association of Counties, Financial Services Center (NACo FSC). In this role, Kyle works with many state association affiliate partners and sponsors to deliver innovative financial solutions to local government leaders and school districts across the country.

On January 25th, a number of Boschies gathered at the “Towards Inclusive Cities in Germany: A Dialogue with Four Mayors” event held by the German Marshall Fund in Washington, D.C. They heard from the mayors of Bonn, Düsseldorf, Essen and Münster about their efforts to build sustainable, inclusive and economically vibrant cities. The conversation was enlightening, and it presented a great opportunity for an impromptu reunion! Among those in attendance were Katharine Burgess (XXXI), Faith Hall (XXX), Adam Hunter (XXX), Dalia Leven (XXXIII), John Parisi (V), Kate Reynolds (XXXIII), and Christina Tsafoulias (XXX).


Peter Laufer’s (V) new book, “Dreaming in Turtle,” has been published by St. Martin’s Press, New York. It is a study of human interaction with turtles across cultures and time, focusing on poaching and smuggling in our current era. The fieldwork — including research into Proganochelys in Stuttgart — was challenging, as this photograph below from Louisiana suggests.


Rob Fenstermacher (XIV) joined the American Council on Germany (ACG) as Chief Content Officer in January 2018 and is excited to be fully engaged in the promotion of German-American relations. Since many ACG Young Leaders are also Bosch Fellowship alumni, like Cristina Gonzalez (Bosch XXXII), or working in the field of G-A relations, he has already crossed paths with many Bosch alumni in his new role. In addition to promoting the Bosch Fellowship to deserving candidates, he encourages everyone to share the great transatlantic opportunities offered by the ACG to individuals interesting in learning more about Germany. Given the current state of the relationship, there is a need for more understanding than ever before. And if you are interested in collaboration, drop him a note!


Tony Ganzer (XXVI) and his family welcomed their fifth member with the birth of Maryann. Her siblings are already speaking German and English to her to prepare for European adventures to come. Tony is still the afternoon host for Cleveland’s NPR station–check out his radio special on immigration enforcement realities in a Midwest town.


Sandi Phinney York (XXIII) and her family will be departing in early June for a multi-year sailing trip, with the ultimate goal of circumnavigating the Pacific. They hope to encounter many other sailing families from all over the world along the way and continuing building more transatlantic and transpacific connections! Follow their travels at  


In late February, a number of Boschies met up for an informal happy hour in Washington, D.C. at everyone’s favorite old-school German restaurant: Café Mozart. They enjoyed having a chance to catch up with alumni from across the entirety of the program, as well as to share some Bier und Bretzeln. Among the alumni in attendance were Gale Mattox (I), Chris Axarlis (XX), Lee Brown (XX), Jon Kosobucki (XXIX), Sarah Hale Smith (XXX), Amanda van Epps (XXX), Riley Ohlson (XXX), Christina Tsafoulias (XXX), Katherine Kortum (XXXII), Eric Langland (XXXII), Ellen Scholl (XXXII), Kate Reynolds (XXXIII), and a number of spouses and significant others. Thanks to everyone who joined us!

Dr. Robert J. Devine (III), who is a serving brother of the Order of St. John, and his wife Gleceria, were invited to St. John Headquarters Jamaica North Central during their visit to the island realm on February 13, 2018. Serving Brother Mr. Pixley Irons brought them to the regional site in Prospect, St. Mary Parish in Middlesex County. At headquarters, Brother Irons explained the purpose and activities of the Order in North Central Jamaica and described the facility’s origins from the time of a generous grant from St. John knight and philanthropist 1st Baronet Sir Harold Mitchell of Bermuda. He explained the Order’s ongoing training activities with CPR, first aid, search-and-rescue and he mentioned the recent generous donation from His Excellency Masanori Nakano of the Embassy of Japan in Kingston of six modern fully-equipped Japanese ambulances, three of which are stationed at North Central Headquarters with the remaining three in Kingston.

Thomas Gump (XXIII) will assume the role as Chapter Director of the American Council on Germany’s San Francisco Eric M. Warburg Chapter.

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