Alumni Updates Summer 2020

Rachel Rizzo (XXXVI) writing on The Transatlantic Relationship: A Call to the Next Generation, for the Boell Stiftung.

Allister Chang (XXXVI) is a candidate for the DC State Board of Education. He is looking to connect with Bosch Alumni who are DC residents.

Dalia Leven (XXXIII) started a new position with Cambridge Systematics, as their National Planning Lead for Transit and Shared Mobility. In this role, she gets to help cities and transit agencies plan for the future of mobility.  She hopes to one day leave her dining room and actually meet her new colleagues.

Cristina Gonzalez (XXXII) launched a pop-up podcast series for POLITICO Europe called Campaign Confidential, covering the U.S. elections from a European/global perspective. Also, on the regular EU Confidential podcast Cristina produces for POLITICO Europe, be sure to check out this interview with Dan Hamilton, long-time chair of the Bosch Selection Committee, on the transatlantic relationship, the future of NATO and relations with China.

Jessica Lewis (XXVIII) and her husband welcomed their second daughter, Sarina, on July 15. “Big sister Kiera is loving having a baby sister to dote on and help out with! We are enjoying having more time with both children as we work remotely from home for the foreseeable future.”

Cordell Carter (XXIV) has been appointed chair of Representative Democracy. A coalition of organizations serving the professional development needs of Congress staff and advocating for more diversity in public service. Find more information here:

Brent Goff (XVI) of Deutsche Welle asking the hard questions about Nord Stream II.

Stacy Perman (XV) returned to California after many years in New York City and several stints abroad, where she is a staff writer at the Los Angeles Times on the Company Town desk. Some of the high-impact stories she’s written include: the mystery of a rare, stolen cello; a profile of Hollywood power player (and “Entourage’s” Ari Gold inspiration) Ari Emanuel; an inside examination of the spectacular shutdown of the Marciano Foundation; a profile of the last scenic painter in Hollywood and the battle over former Warner Bros. chief Terry Semel’s Alzheimer’s care. Her investigation of the unsolved murder of her childhood best friend in Los Angeles magazine won a Southern California Press Award for crime reporting.

Jim Black (XIII) recently joined the transactional boutique law firm Acceleron Law Group, LLP as a Partner, based in Washington, D.C.  Jim continues to focus his practice on advising small and mid-sized companies, including many from the German and Austrian Mittelstand, on M&A and other corporate transactions.  Jim is also increasingly active in advising the nascent hemp industry on corporate matters and has published several articles on various aspects of this emerging sector.

Mary Maus Kosir (XII) will be the Executive Director of Concordia Language Villages, an organization focused on inspiring courageous global citizens in 15 languages and cultures.  Her new role begins in October. For more information, check out

Barbara Balaj (V) recently published an article for The Jewish News commemorating the 70th anniversary of the arrival of her parents to the United States.

Markos Kounalakis (V) continues to write his weekly foreign affairs column for the Miami Herald and McClatchy. Links to his columns are available at his Hoover Institution webpage. He remains a visiting fellow at Stanford University’s Hoover Institution. Markos (aka “Second Partner”) splits his time between Stanford, San Francisco, and the state Capitol, where his wife works as California’s first woman elected Lt. Governor.

Peter Laufer (V) sends his greetings from “the devastated state of Oregon,” detailing his current experience in a recent article for the Portland Business Journal. On a more positive note, his latest bookUp Against the Wall: The Case for Opening the Mexican-American Border – will be available for purchase soon and includes a foreword by former Mexican president, Vicente Fox.

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