Germany’s Immigration Crisis: A Debate in Transformation


A Panel Discussion

On Tuesday, December 15, 2015, the German Consulate General and the Robert Bosch Foundation Alumni Association convened a panel discussion on Germany’s Immigration Crisis: A Debate in Transformation to Bosch alumni and guests.  Consul General Stefan Schlueter moderated the discussion and laid out many of the challenges for Europe In the wake of the attacks in Paris, and as Germany was projected to reach 1,000,000 new immigrants by the end of 2015 (and ultimately did). He noted that the resource challenges to directing refugees equally among the Bundeslaender was immense, and the future potential of refugees to bring in family members may also continue to impact the country for years to come.

Mr. Zachary Shore, Associate Professor at the Naval Postgraduate School and author of Breeding Bin Ladens: America, Islam, and the Future of Europe gave a historical perspective of immigration in Europe, providing specific examples from young Muslims he interviewed.  He argued that Europe’s failure to integrate millions of Muslims, combined with America’s image in the Muslim world, have left too many prey for violent dogmas.   Finally, Ms. Kate Jastram, Professor at Berkeley Law at the University of California described on a more theoretical level what challenges States face in balancing protection for forced migrants with their national security concerns.  This event was an opportunity for San Francisco Bay Area alumni to reconnect and create an open dialogue on timely transatlantic issues.

Stefan Schlueter

Consul General Stefan Schlueter


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