A heartfelt thank you to all our alumni in the San Francisco Bay Area!

On behalf of the Board of the Robert Bosch Foundation Alumni Association (RBFAA), we would like to thank the alumni in the San Francisco Bay Area for helping organize last month’s Annual Meeting in Silicon Valley. We are very grateful you invested so much time and energy in the planning of this event. Thanks to your creativity, persistence and hard work, we successfully hosted about 80 alumni and guests!

In particular we would like to thank the members of our Bay Area Taskforce: Amity Balbutin-Burnham, Paul Gallagher, Thomas Gump, Wendy Tao, Carol Kuester, Monica Slakey, Nora Raggio, Andrew Johnson, Peter Larsen, Charlie Altekruse and Carrie Mann! Thank you for all of your hard work, especially brainstorming speakers and venue locations, making site visits, facilitating discussions with external guests and using your networks to enhance the Annual Meeting. We greatly appreciate your work—the Annual Meeting wouldn’t have been such a success without you!

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