Bosch Alumni Mentoring with Veterans4Diplomacy

Melis Tusiray & Harrison Grafos (XXVIII & XXX)

Melis Tusiray (Bosch XXVIII) and Harrison Grafos (Bosch XXX) are serving as mentors for Veterans4Diplomacy (V4D). This new initiative seeks to identify and guide student veterans wishing to continue public service by becoming leaders in foreign policy. Bosch alumni Melis and Harrison join past participants of the Thomas R. Pickering, Marshall Scholars, Fulbright, Rhodes, Presidential Management, Harry S. Truman, and other prestigious fellowships and scholarships in mentoring a cadre of talented young veterans.

“I really enjoy teaching and mentoring at Veterans4Diplomacy, and everyone is very smart and driven! I look forward to seeing them accomplish big things in the future,” Melis said. Melis and Harrison meet one-on-one with V4D fellows throughout the year. Melis also leads monthly calls with the female veterans to help address some of the particular challenges and concerns they face.

With the goal of equipping V4D fellows with the tools and knowledge to pursue leading internships, scholarships, and fellowships, Veterans4Diplomacy seeks to enhance the ability of V4D fellows to launch successful foreign policy careers. Melis and Harrison are proud to use their expertise and experience from the Bosch and other fellowships to improve the prospects of promising young veterans.